100 Indonesian Domestic Helpers Receive Free Online Training as Elderly Caregivers

Borderless Healthcare Group (BHG), with the support of the Centre for Education and Training of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, will sponsor 100 Indonesian domestic helpers to get online training as elderly caregivers. The training is aimed at enhancing their skills so as to better their welfare.

BHG will provide free passwords to the domestic helpers to enable them to access modules from their website. Since the training is conducted online, the domestic workers do not need to attend classes and can access the modules whenever and wherever they want by using their smartphones, therefore, they can save time and money. Once they finish the online training, they may wish to take the test as elderly caregivers, and they will get a certificate when they passed the test. The mobile platform is also inter-operable with a computer so the trainee can self-learn and self-test anywhere, anytime. MIM is an approved course of the Singapore government’s Agency for IntegratedCare.

To stimulate the domestic workers’ interest, the password will be given freely to 100 selected Indonesian domestic workers. It is hoped that both domestic workers and their employers welcome this project, and trigger other domestic workers to enhance their skills. “This pilot project is aimed to create a batch of medically informed minders with the support of the Indonesian Embassy, where the successful trainees will be uploaded to a directory of certified medically informed minders at Currently, course fee of SGD 200 will be paid by the government if the foreign domestic helpers pass the course.”

“A professional medical support and training platform is inevitable as homecare and homehealth converge”, Dr Wei Siang Yu, Executive Chairman of BHG says.

Meanwhile, the Head of Consular Affairs of the Indonesian Embassy, Mr Fachry Sulaiman, says that the online training is very beneficial to the domestic workers since it can improve their skills. Moreover, the online system makes it easy for the domestic workers to access the course without losing their time and money. “The modules can be accessed easily whenever and wherever they want to in their spare time, so it does not disrupt their household chores. This training is beneficial to improve their skills especially to meet the needs of the increasing number of aging population here. Moreover, the employers will benefit from the domestic workers’ enhanced skill,” he says.

According to the principal of Indonesian School in Singapore, Mr Yaya Sutarya, this pilot program will be launched gradually in May 2013 at Sekolah lndonesia Singapura (Indonesian School in Singapore) which administers the Centre for Education and Training of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. The Centre was found in 2009 and provides language, computer and other skills for the domestic helpers every Sunday. So far, more than 4000 Indonesian domestic workers have graduated from the Centre.

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