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Medically Informed Minders (MIM)

MIM-300x117Medically Informed Minders (MIM) mobile learning program is a 6-week course that offers a holistic bio-psycho-socio approach to elderly care. The courses are composed of 20 modules and web-based seminars that range from neurological problems, common chronic diseases, mental and sleep problems, dental care, activities of daily living, nutrition, hygiene and grooming, skin care and self help for the minder.

This course is designed to support domestic helpers, caregivers, and minders in providing quality home care for elderly individuals. Special emphasis is placed on helping caregivers and minders navigate through complex bio-psycho-social scenarios in eldercare, in a simple Learn – Observe – Recall – Practice methodology.

Who is it for?

Domestic helpers, family members, caregivers, and minders to the elderly at home.

CTG AND FDWG (For Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents):

MIM is the first mobile platform of its kind related to silvercare under the Caregiver’s Training Grant (CTG), administered by the Agency for Integrated Care under the Ministry of Health Singapore. The maximum grant is up to SG$ 200. MIM also covers the Foreign Domestic Worker Grant (FDWG), a monthly grant of $120 given by the Ministry of Health Singapore. This grant aims to provide more support to families who care for the frail elderly or persons with disabilities, as long as he/ she has moderate disabilities. If you are a Singaporean or an individual with Permanent Residence in Singapore, you may qualify for the grants. Click HERE for more information.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Through this program, trainees will be able to:

  1. Obtain basic understanding of the common physical, mental, and social changes and difficulties experienced by the elderly
  2. Conduct systematic Head-to-Foot scanning for an elderly
  3. Identify, record, and report warning signs of common health problems in an elderly
  4. Communicate more effectively with an elderly
  5. Implement safety measures to prevent falls and injuries to an elderly
  6. Conduct hygiene, grooming, and oral care for an elderly
  7. Enhance elderly diet through proper nutrition
  8. Conduct skin and wound care for an elderly
  9. Implement drug compliance and identify common drug side effects amongst the elderly
  10. Manage stress in the job
  11. Utilise technology to enhance study, observation, recall and practice beneficial to the job
  12. Mobile and Web Content Information:

This program is delivered over the internet. To pass the program, you must be able to access either the mobile application, or this website. The program has a security system which requires a Username and a Password. Only registered participants will be able to access the program. The customized Username, Password, Instructions to download the mobile application, and URL will be made available upon successful registration.

Unique Program Requirements

  1. All modules come with self-assessments and objective tests at the end of each module. Such assessments and tests are conducted in an ‘open-book’ format, and participants are allowed as many tries as they require within their eligible window.
  2. It is the responsibility of the participant to complete all modules within SIX (6) WEEKS upon the issuance of the Username and Password.
  3. The MIM Modules can be accessed via smart phones/tablets and computers/laptops. Both platforms (computer and smartphone) are interoperable.
  4. Online Tutors are available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Tagalog from 2PM-4PM (Monday-Friday except public holidays). Questions can still be posted after online tutoring hours and the issue will be addressed via email the next business day.
  5. A certificate will be provided to all passers of the program.
  6. For more information, please contact

Course Fee: SG$ 200.

Languages Available: English, Filipino, Bahasa Indonesia.

Operating Systems: Blackberry, iOS, Android.

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