Malaysia to launch online campus for elderlycare training

100 Digital scholarships to foreign domestic helpers through PAPA selection

8 June 2013- Malaysia’s ageing population is going to get a much needed boost when the first MEDICALLY INFORMED MINDER (MIM) takes off in September 2013. MIM is a mobile and online learning program which provides caregiver’s training in elderlycare. It is developed by Singapore-based BH Institute, a subsidiary of BHG (Borderless Healthcare Group).

“BH Institute will be providing 100 digital scholarships to foreign domestic helpers in Malaysia and has appointed Persatuan Agensi Pekerjaan Pembantu Rumah Asing (PAPA) Malaysia (Malaysian Association of Foreign Maids Agencies) to manage the selection criteria of the scholarship application,” explains Dr. Wei Siang Yu, Chairman of BHG.

PAPA has more than 200 registered members throughout Malaysia. PAPA head, Jeffrey Foo who is a veteran in the recruitment industry has this to say: “This is an unprecedented initiative which will herald the start of better Medically Informed Minders to help many families in Malaysia via technology!”

Medically informed minders, or caregivers, are professionals with training in a variety of fields in aged care and home health, including medication management, fall prevention and wound care, making them more capable in caring for and attending to the delicate needs of the elderly and persons with disability. Minders will also have access to interactive mobile apps that enhance caregiver skills, such as Smart Ageing, Oral Care for the Aged, and Baby Smart. All apps will be available at the world’s first online campus for caregivers at www.borderlessminders.com.

“Singapore is a medical and technology hub, so I am sure we can play a role in helping the region manage ageing woes while solving our own”, said Dr Wei.

BH Institute has recently commenced the MIM training induction program at the Sekolah lndonesia Singapura (Indonesian School in Singapore), which administers the Centre for Education and Training of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. Maid training centres in Indonesia have already expressed interests to adopt such online and mobile learning program for elderlycare.

In addition to the maid supply countries, maid demand countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Middle East etc have all expressed their interests to train their existing maids in their countries via the MIM platform.

To prepare for such expansion, the official website www.borderlessminders.com has been revamped to play the role of the world’s first online campus for caregivers, wherein many mobile and online short courses will be made available to help maids and other caregivers, including the immediate family members, in learning about elderlycare. www.borderlessminders.com aims to be the elderlycare information super highway where knowledge base and invaluable experience of many elderlycare and home health experts are shared with caregivers and the family members of the person needing care.

For more information about Borderless Minders and the training courses, please visitwww.borderlessminders.com or contact Lani Santiago at lani@borderlesshealthcare.com, Christine Magdurulan at christine@borderlesshealthcare.com and/or Mel Boey atmel@borderlesshealthcare.com.

About BH Institute
BH Institute is a Singapore company and subsidiary of the Borderless Healthcare Group. It is a market leader in the medical call centre industry and a pioneer of the medical butler system, which operates a medical concierge for home health, medical tourism, and caregiver training and support. BH Institute is an approved digital course provider by the Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) and Foreign Domestic Worker Grant (FDWG), both administered by the Agency for Integrated Care under the Ministry of Health Singapore.

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