BHG and ThomsonAdsett participate in the Global Ageing Conference

In what may be viewed as a sign of deepening relationship and cooperation in bringing elderly care to a whole new level, Smart Home Technology development partners Borderless Healthcare Group (BHG) and ThomsonAdsett participate in the Global Ageing Conference held at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, Western Australia, from 31 August to 4 September 2015. With the theme “Global Communities Coming Together”, the conference is focused on the diversity and interdependence of elderly care around the world. The objective of the conference is for participants to share and gain knowledge for innovation in caring for the aged.

Conference speakers include leaders from various industries such as technology, medicine, education and non-profit.

ThomsonAdsett is an international architecture firm based in Australia. Other than architecture, the company also delivers urban design and interior architecture and specialises in design practice. The firm is tapped by BHG in the development of the Smart Home Technology, which lets occupants experience living with personalized and on-demand services in healthcare, nutrition and wellness. Using the Internet Of Things and cloud, Smart Home Technology allows occupants to gather and store data related to their health for both preventive and predictive measures, especially for the elderly.

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