Borderless Healthcare Group Launches Borderless Farm via Drones Between China and Australia

Milk cow analytics on cloud solves food safety between a farm-to-fork pilot from Australia to China

16th Nov 2015 – Food safety problems in China will soon be eliminated if an Australian farm-to-fork drone centric pilot succeeded in Shanghai.


Global healthcare technology, media and technology pioneer, Borderless Healthcare Group, is now in preparation to launch Australia’s first farm-to-fork drone centric pilot which will allow Shanghai’s Borderless Farm subscribers to procure regular organic cow milk supply from the state of Victoria.

Consumers in Shanghai can soon express interests at to join drone powered farm tours in Victoria. Farmers in Victoria will soon learn Mandarin and be filmed in their cottage farm together with hovering drones. “We aim to provide Chinese consumers with an experience that is priceless and unique where they can visualise their milk cow thousands of miles away who are pampered by passionate farmers in Australia. Every cow has wearables that can monitor their health on the cloud. A specialised cow concierge will be set up to help consumers monitor the health and well-being of the milk cow,” says Dr Wei Siang Yu, Founder and Chairman of Borderless Healthcare Group.

Borderless Healthcare group will first target life stage audience like women who are preparing to avoid food additives, preservatives, pesticides etc before pregnancy. This group of Chinese consumers will be on the rise as China abolishes its one child policy. Pre-pregnancy lifestyle modification is probably one of the earliest life stage for a woman or a man to be health conscious and such pregnancy planning life stage consumerism is expected to extend to other life stages as one ages.


About Borderless Healthcare Group (BHG)
BHG, founded by key stakeholders in the medical, CRM, IT, legal, finance, and media industries, spans more than 10 companies in the three key areas of health, wellness and food. BHG’s expertise in the activation of disruptive healthcare market processes has won several media features and partnerships with governments, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies around the world. The interactive healthcare process pioneered by BHG has not only provided a solution to how governments can resolve the problem of poor public adoption of EMR, it has also evolved the flawed notion of “universal healthcare” to the more relevant concept of borderless, on-demand, ubiquitous healthcare.

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