Indonesia Goes High Tech on New Domestic Helper Training

Domestic helper’s training in Indonesia adopts Borderless Smartcare Cloud

30th April 2016 – Borderless Healthcare Group arms domestic helpers from Indonesia with smartcare knowledge cloud and Internet Of Things (IOT) to support the region to combat silver tsunami and home health issues.

Indonesia’s presidential mandate to cease export of domestic helpers by 2018 is now echoed by a smartcare force initiative between Borderless Healthcare Group and an Indonesian NGO, Yayasan Indonesia Merawat, which is endorsed by the Ministry of Manpower in Indonesia. The basic training for the first batch of twenty-five trainers will commence on 30th April as a pilot, which will then roll out to training centres across Indonesia to herald a new era of smartcare force. This new batch of domestic helpers can soon become more relevant to the region with their new knowledge in aged care and IOT operations.

Indonesia is leading the way to build the new form of care force which will first be piloted in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong in the next few months. Trainees will be provided with training in classrooms and via their smart phones. Initial training will be on basic care for elderly and basic understanding on how to use certain selected internet of things such as the blood pressure machine. Trainees will continue interactive training via a mobile app. Tutors will be online to answer questions from the trainees via the app. This will increase knowledge recall which is important as all trainees do not have a formal healthcare education.

Borderless Healthcare Group has also established a Borderless Smartcare Alliance with members from renowned healthcare institutions around the world. This alliance aims to develop home health protocols and guidelines to help countries manage the phenomenon of ageing in place/home and the need for digital home health. The alliance will engage homecare professionals to implement home health audit and develop home health practice of excellence.

“The development of the smartcare force initiative can kick start a new digital healthcare knowledge- based economy in the region which will complement our Smart Village initiative to support digital healthcare, digital education and digital agricultural projects in rural villages,” says Dr Wei Siang Yu, Founder and Chairman of Borderless Healthcare Group.


About Borderless Healthcare Group (BHG)

BHG, founded by key stakeholders in the medical, CRM, IT, legal, finance, and media industries, spans more than 10 companies in the three key areas of health, wellness and food. BHG’s expertise in the activation of disruptive healthcare market processes has won several media features and partnerships with governments, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies around the world. The interactive healthcare process pioneered by BHG has not only provided a solution to how governments can resolve the problem of poor public adoption of EMR, it has also evolved the flawed notion of “universal healthcare” to the more relevant concept of borderless, on-demand, ubiquitous healthcare.

About Yayasan Indonesia Merawat

Yayasan Indonesia Merawat (YIM) is a non-profit organization which is established to increase the non- formal labor skills of Indonesian workers in order for them to become the formal labor force in the field of care and treatment. YIM’s aim is to standardize the reference labor competencies in the field of parenting and care so that people who use care services and care standards could guarantee the quality of service received; to facilitate workers in the field of care and treatment to get training, find work opportunities and get guidance and support at work; and to improve the competitiveness of Indonesian workers in the field of care and treatment that can be utilized both in their homeland and overseas.

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