Israel Leaps into China with the New Borderless Alliance

Borderless Healthcare Group kickstarts global collaborative innovations and healthkathons via Israel

17th Feb 2016 – Borderless Healthcare Group launches to converge Israel’s innovations with the needs in China and beyond to create “Borderless Tech Show” which will be showcased to strategic investors in Asia. Selected innovations will then have the opportunity to host their demo day at the state-of-the-art Borderless Innovation Centre in the heart of Shanghai City, China.

“Each episode of the ‘Borderless Tech Show’ will be styled like a Hollywood blockbuster which will introduce the featured innovation in the context of Chinese demography and epidemiology. We hope to create a new and unprecedented contextual valuation for all our selected innovation partners!” says Dr Wei Siang Yu, Founder and Chairman of Borderless Healthcare Group. More Borderless Innovation Centres have already been planned in all major cities in China as well as in the USA, Europe, Australia and South East Asia. Upcoming centres include Shen Zhen, Hang Zhou and Beijing. The development of the centres in China will allow any partnered innovation to conduct fund raising roadshows throughout China and build a new exponential contextual valuation via disruption in cross border roadshow. A Borderless Investment Alliance will be launched in Q2 2016 to harvest global and local funds which are interested in investing in the opportunities resulting from the multi-trillion dollar healthcare reform, largest silver economy with 200-300M elderly population and the recent 2nd child economy in China. Borderless Healthcare Group has pioneered many initiatives to lead all key trends in China’s big health, smart ageing, smart care, smart home and smart farm sectors and its recent announcement on China’s first big health OTT box will soon disrupt the delivery of innovation from traditional app stores into millions of homes in China.

Filming of the “Borderless Tech Show” will commence in Tel Aviv in February and Dr Wei Siang Yu will speak at the 3rd mHealth Summit on 18th Feb 2016. A Borderless Healthkathon* Strategy Roundtable Discussion will be held with key opinion leaders in Israel in the evening of 18th Feb 2016. Many countries are expected to host their Borderless Healthkathon in their respective countries before a finale will be held in China later this year. The theme will be focused on China’s giant silver tsunami.

Borderless Healthcare Group hopes to collate global innovations into China and then develop a new breed of China based multi-nation with global collaborative DNA to further support the emerging economy in the world with the latest IOTs in big health via a borderless initiative named “Medical Silk Road”.

*Healthkathon is a health hackathon event organised by Borderless Healthcare Group that combines multi-disciplinary experts to collaborate in developing disruptive healthcare solutions.

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