ShenZhen Deploys Technology for Caregivers to Combat Silver Tsunami

Shenzhen – High-tech hub to high-tech care hub to help millions of elderly people in China and beyond

19th Nov 2015 – As a relatively new self-governed city without much tertiary healthcare and proximal healthcare resources, Shenzhen is undeterred to boost its healthcare efficiency by creating high-tech caregivers to support delivery of healthcare services and the performance of big data harvesting at home.

In China, the phenomenon of more than 90% of its elderly people ageing at home has set off an alarm on the lack of homecare, allied health professional training and family physician in the country. Such constraints limit the ability for the government to implement healthcare beyond the hospital facilities. Thus, the management of chronic diseases, stroke and disability are often compromised. A third care force comprising of volunteers, retired professionals, students etc will be inevitable to supplement the care gap. The merger of such third care force with the technology resources in Shenzhen can indeed create a new healthcare solution for Shenzhen.

Borderless Healthcare Group, the global pioneer of high-tech caregivers, will soon clone its world’s renowned Smartcare Cloud to support the development of high-tech caregivers in Shenzhen. Formal and informal caregivers can all be engaged in interactive mobile learning via a series of apps with modular content on different diseases and health issues. Each app also acts as a “Borderless Clinic” which allows caregivers to consult with healthcare professionals via real time secure chat and sharing of photos, videos and voice files. Such interactive function can induce a better knowledge recall which will benefit caregivers without prior medical knowledge. Borderless Healthcare Group hopes to provide value-added platforms like the Borderless Clinic App to all the relevant health-centric Internet Of Things (IOTs) manufactured in Shenzhen to support the development of a new breed of “Smart Care Force” who are not only knowledge trained but can also inter-operate with different IOTs.

Borderless Healthcare Group hopes to create the world’s first model of ubiquitous aged care in Shenzhen via its high-tech caregiver program. This initiative if well integrated with the city’s robust manufacturing eco-system can power Shenzhen into a technology+human resource+knowledge+service hub for silver care. Such notion will be in line with the nation’s direction to leverage O2O plus aged care model to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Development process will be featured at

“The convergence of multidisciplinary knowledge to smartcare cloud will give Shenzhen an advantage to create high-tech caregivers which can interface with the manufacturing industry seamlessly to compete with the world for a more interoperable IOT manufacturing globally. This is a very exciting time which is unprecedented,” says Dr Wei Siang Yu, Founder and Chairman of Borderless Healthcare Group.


About Borderless Healthcare Group (BHG)
BHG, founded by key stakeholders in the medical, CRM, IT, legal, finance, and media industries, spans more than 10 companies in the three key areas of health, wellness and food. BHG’s expertise in the activation of disruptive healthcare market processes has won several media features and partnerships with governments, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies around the world. The interactive healthcare process pioneered by BHG has not only provided a solution to how governments can resolve the problem of poor public adoption of EMR, it has also evolved the flawed notion of “universal healthcare” to the more relevant concept of borderless, on-demand, ubiquitous healthcare.

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