Singapore Launches Online Campus For “Medically Informed Maids” in Asia

Singapore company BH Institute launches an online campus hosting a series of mobile and online learning modules for caregivers hosted on

25 October 2012 – Offering courses like the Medically Informed Minder (MIM) mobile and online learning program approved by the Centre for Enabled Living (CEL), the BH Institute heralds the digitalization of the caregiver industry and its gradual convergence with the multi-billion dollar home health industry. “The adoption of medical devices at home and the silver tsunami in Asia will soon change the training methods and role of caregivers and other home-centric workers in the region,” says Dr. Wei Siang Yu, a Healthcare Futurist and chairman of the Borderless Healthcare Group, which owns the BH Institute.

Medically informed minders, or caregivers, are professionals with training in a variety of fields in aged care and home health, including medication management, fall prevention and wound care, making them more capable in caring for and attending to the delicate needs of the elderly and persons with disability. Minders also have access to interactive mobile apps that enhance caregiver skills, such as Smart Ageing, Oral Care for the Aged, and Baby Smart.

A veteran domestic worker agency in Singapore has already invested in this inevitable trend. Winnie Wang, who started one of the very first caregiver agencies 30 years ago, is the first franchisee of the MIM program. Her agency, Advance Link International Pte. Ltd., now features a suite of technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT)-supported services, which allow it to resell mobile apps, medical call center services, personalized vitamins, medical devices, and home-delivered organic products, to name a few.

Advance Link provides skilled and non-skilled workers for different positions, such as nurses, IT professionals, engineers, finance and accounting professionals, office administrative staff, and general workers for the food and beverage, construction, electronics, and ship-building industries, among others. With the help of the MIM program, Mrs. Wang hopes to further enhance their services that are founded on the concept of “spending time to listen and explain patiently”. As the Overseas Recruitment Consultant of Advance Link for many years, she has become a respected figure in Singapore’s corporate scene.

Caregiver training in fields like IT, aged care, home health, baby care, and others will commence in other Asian regions as the online campus expands its reach to include Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, India, and Sri Lanka— countries known as the main sources of caregivers in Asia. An online marketplace for caregivers, maids, and other allied health professionals will be launched at by the end of the year.

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About BH Institute

BH Institute is a Singapore company and subsidiary of the Borderless Healthcare Group. It is a market leader in the medical call center industry and a pioneer of the medical butler system, which operates a medical concierge for home health, medical tourism, and caregiver training and support. BH Institute is the only approved digital course provider by the Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) and Foreign Domestic Worker Grant (FDWG), both under the Centre for Enabled Living (CEL).

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