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BabySmart app is an interactive online/mobile learning application for moms-to-be. Experience a revolution in women’s health through this first mobile health 3.0 app designed especially for you. With total of 12 modules, this mobile app will guide you every step of the way—before, during, and after your pregnancy. A Medical Butler, operating our e-clinic concierge, is also available to address your concerns. You will also have access to connect with the best nutritionists, physiologists, and doctors in the comfort of your own home; attend virtual yoga and aerobic workouts conducted by health and wellness experts, as well as join webinars by the gynaecological experts.

Who it is for:

Adult women who are planning to have a baby and expecting mothers.

Why you should use it:

BabySmart is the only mobile app that covers your entire pregnancy—from conception to birth, and even after. Rest assured knowing that you and your baby’s health are in the hands of health experts. With BabySmart, you will be able to prepare for, cope with, and recover from the challenges of pregnancy and make the most of each moment with the interactive learning experience.

BabySmartContent partner:

Kenneth-LeongDr Kenneth Leong

Medical Director of BHG, a practising phisician in advanced Laparoscopic Gynecology and the forefront of the development of Robotic Gynecology surgery in Australia.


Language available:

English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Operating system:

iOS, Android and BlackBerry.


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