Singaporeans can now apply for training grants!

Caregivers Training Grant (CTG)

The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) under the Ministry of Health Singapore administers the Caregiver’s Training Grant (CTG), which provides caregivers/domestic helpers with subsidies to attend training which will help build their ability in managing the healthcare needs of the care recipients. The annual training grant is up to SG$ 190. Regardless of income level, families with caregivers/domestic helpers can attend the training courses.  BH Institute’s Medically Informed Minder (MIM) is one of the training courses approved by AIC. BH Institute is the only training provider who provides a mobile learning app platform, which allows trainees to take the courses via smart phones/tablets. MIM also has a web app that provides access to computers/laptops. Both platforms (computer and smartphone) are interoperable. See more information about MIM HERE.

While the CTG can be used to offset the MIM course fee of up to SG$ 190, the caregiver/employer would still need to co-pay SG$ 10. The co-payment is implemented by AIC for the purpose of ensuring that caregivers will attend the course in order to maximize their learning opportunities.

To qualify for the CTG, see the eligibility below:

  1. Care Recipient

-Must be a Singaporean OR PR

-Must be at least 65 years of age OR be certified to have a Disability by a Doctor

  1. Caregiver

-Must be an immediate family member or Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) looking after the care recipient

-Immediate family members are defined as including : child, spouse, grandchild, sibling, sibling-in-law, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent or grandparent-in-law

-Non-immediate family members will need to sign an additional declaration form upon applying for the grant to declare that he/she is the Main Caregiver

  1. Registration

-Proof of Eligibility

-NRIC of Care Recipient

-NRIC/FIN/Work Permit of Participant

-Doctors Memo / Medical Report (for Disability Care Recipients only)

  1. Course Attendance and Training Evaluation

-Attend and Complete (100% attendance) any of the CTG approved courses. Caregivers taking the MIM course should pass at least 50% of the quizzes in each module and submit the completed Training Evaluation Form.


Foreign Domestic Workers Grant (FDWG)

FDWG, on the other hand, aims to help those households that support a frail elderly person or person with disability. It provides financial support so that the family can employ a foreign domestic worker that will help take care of the elderly, allowing members of the household to attend to their professional and personal responsibilities. The FDWG is a monthly grant of $120 given by the Ministry of Health to provide more support to families who care for the frail elderly. Below are the criteria that must be met before a family can apply for the FDWG:

  1. Citizenship

-If you are the employer of the FDW for your care recipient, if he/ she is

-Below 65 years old: must be a Singapore citizen

-65 years and above: Singapore citizen or a Permanent Resident (if he/ she is a PR, you must be a Singapore citizen).

*If you are the employer and care recipient, you must be a Singapore citizen.

  1. Relationship with care recipient

You must be a family member, and must live together with the care recipient at the same NRIC-registered address.

  1. Medical assessment

The care recipient must have permanent moderate disability as assessed by a Singapore-registered doctor. The doctor will complete a Functional Assessment Report which you have to send to Agency for Integrated Care.

  1. Household income

Your household monthly income per person must be $2,600 and less. If your household has no income, the Annual Value of your property must be less than $13,000.

  1. FDW Training

Your FDW is required to attend the relevant caregivers’ training courses approved by AIC. MIM is an approved course.


*Note: BH Institute only processes CTG applications. If you wish to apply for FDWG,  please contact AIC at +65 6603 6800 or visit AIC website  for more information on how to apply.

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