Online Learning Program for Domestic Helpers Launching Soon in the Philippines!

27 May 2013 Manila, Philippines – “A new way of learning”, this is according to Ms Joy Pelagio, General Manager of Asian International Manpower Services, POEA – licensed land-based placement agency, during an interview on what she thinks about Medically Informed Minders mobile learning program, the world’s first mobile learning platform for caregivers in aged care.

Advancement in learning has been inevitable in today’s teaching arena. Mediums of education has improved immensely in the past years; an evolution of traditional chalk and blackboard to an entirely cost-effective and efficient way of information dissemination through Electronic and mobile learning.

MIM or Medically Informed Minder is a mobile learning program that has been helping caregivers, domestic helpers and families in Singapore. It is a flagship project of BH Institute*. And now, the company is extending its innovative program to its neighbouring countries like the Philippines.

“It’s a new way of learning that will help our OFW [Overseas Foreign Workers] specifically our DH [Domestic Helpers] and caregivers abroad,” according to Ms Pelagio. MIM is a new concept their Filipino applicants will certainly approve. This is beneficial because it will provide them additional knowledge and supporting education on proper care through medical-based information. And of course, an additional certificate to boost up their resumes to give them an edge in this very competitive world of employment.

Ms. Pelagio further mentioned that practical skills and hands on experience are important in training. She also believes that the intellectual capacities of the OFWs in the Philippines are different because of their educational status and attainment – some are only high school undergraduates and are not tech savvy. She commended the MIM program for being interactive and visually entertaining. The simplified medical terms are a big plus, according to her.

“MIM is set to revolutionize the learning process of human resource training in the Philippines and we hope to soon equip our trainees with this amazing platform!” says Ms Pelagio as she thinks positively on the implementation of the MIM program in the Philippines.

* BH Institute is a Singapore company and subsidiary of the Borderless Healthcare Group. It is a market leader in the medical call centre industry and a pioneer of the medical butler system, which operates a medical concierge for home health, medical tourism, and caregiver training and support. BH Institute is an approved digital course provider by the Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) and Foreign Domestic Worker Grant (FDWG), both administered by the Agency for Integrated Care under the Ministry of Health Singapore.

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